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Guiding People Towards a Better Life

My Bio

My name is Hilde-Helen Stromme, and I named my therapy clinic Melius Vitae, because I help people work towards a better life.

I have always been interested in psychology and have worked with many people throughout the years. During my education as a gestalt therapist, I wondered “what if I were to study hypnotherapy as well, and combine it with gestalt psychotherapy?”

I have always been fascinated with hypnotherapy. It is an amazing tool that is used for deep relaxation and a way to delve into a past life. So, I decided to complement my training by qualifying in hypnotherapy as well.

I feel more complete with both and love to combine the two where I can. This enables me to offer a complete service that really supports every client. Being highly skilled in both therapies makes me feel fulfilled and accomplished, knowing I can offer the best of the best depending on the individual needs of the client.





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My Approach

I have lived in a range of countries including Brazil, France and China and experienced a number of different cultures. I am tolerant and open-minded and this is reflected in my sessions. I provide a safe and non-judgemental space where you can explore your feelings and your thoughts.

I know how hard it can be to change entrenched behaviours but I will be behind you every step of the way. It’s never too late to change your life and I’ll be there to support you, however hard it gets for you. Everything that happens in our sessions is strictly confidential.

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Norwegian

As a Norwegian, I can communicate effectively with clients from Denmark, Sweden and Norway.




My Location

I currently live in Didcot, Oxford. I offer hypnotherapy and gestalt psychotherapy at Melius Vitae in my clinics in Oxford and London.

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Skilful and client-committed...

I would like to introduce and recommend my colleague and friend Hilde-Helen Stromme, she is a skilful and client-committed psychotherapist. Sharon   |   2021  |   Paris

Looking forward to making more progress with your help...

I was quite exhausted after the session, but in a good way and I think I worked through a lot of frustration and painful emotions, so have been feeling much better. Anyway, let's try to catch up more after the holidays, and maybe start scheduling more frequent sessions until you leave in Sept. Looking forward to making more progress with your help until then. Sarah   |   2020  |   Rome

Thank you for your support...

I wanted to thank you for your support which helped me to start a process and to make some clear progress - even though many questions will still require some time and thoughts to be clarified. Fredrick   |   2019  |   Germany

Warm, caring and empathic!...

I really wanted to write to you, since I started working, as I feel I owe you a lot! Indeed, when I "saw" myself adopting a warm and empathic approach with my patients, I directly thought of you. Indeed, I was taught during my studies that a psychologist should be as neutral as possible, and my former psychoanalyst sure was neutral, maybe even icy, or even sarcastic sometimes. But with you, I found something I wanted to be: warm, caring and empathic! And it "works", I get to build a good therapeutical relationship with my patients, a good, warm, trusting relationship. So, a big big thanks for you!!” Melanie   |   2019  |   Austria





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