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What Is a Psychotherapist?

Psychotherapists and the practice of psychotherapy is conducted with individuals, couples and families. It is a talking therapy that enables you to explore your thoughts, feelings and problems in a safe and non-judgemental environment.

Perhaps you have suffered a traumatic event or maybe you wish to discuss relationship issues. Psychotherapy is a tool in which you can explore your feelings, understand why you feel a certain way and learn to move forward with your life.





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What Is the Gestalt Method?

 The gestalt form of psychotherapy emphasizes personal response and focuses on your experience in the present moment, rather than delving into past experiences. Gestalt psychotherapy looks at the people and events that are currently around us and how they are influencing us. It explores circumstances as they are now rather than what we wish they were.

One of the underlying concepts of gestalt psychotherapy is awareness. By becoming more aware, or conscious of our decisions we can control our feelings and make decisions that are right for us. Another important tenant is the focus on the here and now, rather than the past. Which means childhood experiences don’t necessarily explain our current circumstances.

The gestalt method is based on two branches of philosophy: existentialism and phenomenology. It was founded in the 1940s, by Frederick Perls and his wife Laura. It takes 4 years of education to become qualified.

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What Is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy will help you to reach a deeper state of consciousness in order to change your behaviours. It can help you reach a number of goals, such as habit changes and treating conditions. It shifts your brain into a different type of functioning to help you focus your attention and quieten the mind. You’ll gain greater control of your body and become less self-conscious.

Hypnotherapy is not the same as hypnosis. You are in control at all times, aware of your surroundings and completely capable of coming out of a trance at any time with no effects. Hypnotherapy has been scientifically shown to be particularly effective in reducing pain, decreasing stress and treating depression.

It takes 2 years of education to become a qualified hypnotherapist. I am fully trained and follow the Dave Elman method of hypnotherapy. It is an extremely directive approach, which commands the individual to follow and respond to instructions.

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What Is NLP Therapy?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) involves analysing strategies and applying them to reach a particular goal. These strategies relate to thoughts and behaviour patterns learned through experience and applies these to specific outcomes.

Modelling, action and effective communication are key elements to NLP. It is the art of analysing and understanding other people’s perspectives and will assist you in finding the differences between belief and reality.

With NLP you will be able to understand how your mind works and how to manage it in a positive and productive way. It is an effective therapy that can be used to treat stress, psychological problems as well as phobias.


Disclaimer – I am a trained therapist, not a doctor, and do not prescribe medications or give medicinal advice.





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